What is her real last name?

Castres - Karine Le Marchand -presque- incognito | Le Journal d'Ici

Karine Le Marchand, host of Les Grosses Têtes on RTL, revealed that her civil registry surname was not actually Le Marchand and explained why she had used a pseudonym.

We believed we understood everything from Karine Le Marchand. Love is in the Meadow (M6)'s extremely welcoming host still keeps a few secrets. We knew everything about his modeling beginnings and his lovely friendship with Stéphane Plaza, who was also a famous chain figure. However, if there was one thing that Karine Le Marchand did not tell us, it was that she did not use her real name!

In Laurent Ruquier's Les Grosses Têtes, for which she has been a member of the team for a number of months, the host sold the wick on the RTL antenna. Karine Le Marchand explained that she had to change her last name for her first live broadcast because hers, M'Fayokurera, was too difficult to spell.

The team of columnists, led by Christine Bravo, were astonished when she revealed that Le Marchand is not her real last name. She therefore considered Le Marchand, her companion's name at the time, in her haste. She maintained that her ex did not find it embarrassing that she continued to use her surname: He is a close friend of mine. He is overjoyed.